Data analytics for small businesses and organisations

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Are you a small business, organisation or charity? Would you like to benefit from smarter decision making informed by the power of data analytics? If so, I’d love to help out.

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My name is Damien, and I’m a freelance data analyst. I offer a number of analytical services for businesses who don’t have their own in-house analyst. I’m all about ‘small data’. It’s not just giants like Amazon who can harness the power of data. Even the humble customer survey can generate actionable knowledge and tell you which direction holds the highest probability of success for your project moving forward. You don’t need to be big - you just need expertise, and that’s exactly what I can bring to the table.

I offer a free initial consultation, just to say ‘hi’ and discuss what you’d like to get from your data. But to give you an initial taste of the kinds of data solutions I can offer, I’ve summarised my services below.

Data cleaning and descriptive overview

Have you got data you’re not sure what to do with? I can help you organise your data into an efficient format ready for analysis, and then summarise your data with relevant descriptive statistics and visualisations for a crystal clear overview.

Data exploration and modelling

Getting a clear overview of what your data is saying is a great start - but we can do better. I can look for relationships and patterns within different aspects of your business that might give us leads as to how you can refine your existing strategies, or develop new ones. Looking for relationships between the variables in your data is also a great way to start building models to help you predict outcomes. In short, modelling can tell you how confident you can be of your strategy getting the results you’re looking for.

Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing is another vital part of feeling confident about the decisions you make. I can apply appropriate inferential statistical procedures to your data, and quantify just how confient you can be that a particular business action will result in a particular outcome. Hypothesis testing can also inform you whether a strategy you’ve already rolled out has made a ‘real’ difference, and investigate other influences that might help explain your results.

Survey analysis

Understanding your customers is central to optimising your business strategy, and survey analysis is a great way to do just that. I can offer you as much help as you need when it comes to surveying your customer base, from consulting on your survey design, through to implementation and distribution, and of course data analysis. Survey design and analysis is a field in its own right, and for your survey to really work for you, it needs to be informed by reliable behavioural science. An effective survey begins with asking the right questions in the right way. I can consult on the design of your survey to ensure you’re going to capture the right kind of data, and that your data will be valid and reliable. I can help you with sampling so you can avoid biasing your data, and running an initial pilot to make sure that refinements and amendments are all made before the fact, rather than after it. Sure, anyone than throw togther their own online survey and collect some results. You might even get some basic descriptives thrown in. However, answers are defined by questions - and a whole lot more. Having your survey designed by someone qualified in research design can increase the value of the data you capture many times over.

I look forward to hearing from you

Tel: 07939121356
Email: damien.r.analyst@gmail.com